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DANCEPUNKC is the eccentric and irreverent part of the DANCE.LV JOURNAL.

DANCEPUNKC welcomes unexpected situations where questions about contemporary dance come up in unexpected ways from surprising sources. We hope to receive as many answers as possible to these questions.

DANCEPUNKC will be intrusive on other areas of DANCE.LV if the situation calls for it. DANCEPUNKC will look for unanticipated interconnections among many forms of dance, be they live performance, film, video or whatever.

DANCEPUNKC comments on things that nobody asks it to comment on.  DANCEPUNKC sees dance everywhere and has an opinion about everything.

DANCEPUNKC doesn’t really fit in anywhere, but it loosens and inspires.

DANCEPUNKC is also characterized by a marked curiosity about different accidents, misunderstandings, ugly angles and backstage adventures.