October 17, 2013 at 12:25 pm

It’s a long way to Tipperary

It’s a long way to Tipperary
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Inta Balode

Tomorrow I will go to Tipperary. My friend said that it cannot be true, there is no such a place, she was sure that it is a fictional place existing only in the song.

Tomorrow I will go to the Tipperary Dance Platform. Yes, it is a real and annual (!) contemporary dance event with exciting program taking place in Tipperary, Ireland on October 18 and 19. And even if I come from the small village myself and have done enough of bringing contemporary dance to smaller regional communities still before I see it I cannot fully believe that the Tipperary Dance Platform is possible. In our spoiled urban it seems that for the contemporary dance it is a long long way to Tipperary. So I could even imagine that the Tipperary Opera could receive the following letter of complaint:


I would like to point out that your website is not clear enough in stating which performance is opera and which is ballet. I have bought a ticket to „Othello” and I was convinced that this will be an opera. I could not imagine that in year 2013, which is Verdi’s 200 anniversary’s year something else besides Verdi opera can be staged and moreover that it can be a ballet. Particularly because the image on the poster has is a black guy with his mouth open – usually this is how the singers performing her part get depicted. I did think that I actually don’t know any black dramatic tenors (there are outstanding sopranos, mezzos, basses and baritones, but tenors!?) that’s why I was wandering a little bit already then. But as usually in the ballets they keep their mouths shut I was sure that it is an opera. I could not even imagine that „B” means „ballet” (I was thinking that it regards to the price category as it always is in majority of the opera houses).

Today somebody told me that this is a ballet performance and moreover when I checked this information I got to know that it is performed to the recorded music, which makes things even worse. So even if the purchased tickets are not being changed or accepted back may be considering the fact that despite my precociousness in buying tickets I was not enough informed about the essence of the event, so may be it is still possible to change my ticket to the one to some normal opera performance, because it is somehow usual to percieve „Othello” with ears and not with eyes.”

More when I am in Tipperary.

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